Questions & Answers About the Library Fee

What exactly does the student library fee pay for?

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All money from the library fee will pay for improvements to the Libraries that directly support student success!

In fall 2019 the library fee will pay for:

  • Longer hours at Miller Nichols Library and Health Sciences Library (specifically, hiring qualified staff for the new, later shift and more student worker positions)
  • 24/7 online chat help for all students
  • Renovations and technology at all library locations for safe late night study space (card swipe access to buildings, door lock systems)

After changing to longer hours in fall 2019, the fee will start paying for these types of projects and improvements, and more:

  • Making more textbooks free or more affordable
  • More subscription resources including e-books, scholarly journals, streaming film and media
  • Building updates for more power outlets, more individual and group study rooms, new furniture, and better facility maintenance
  • More iPads and wifi hotspots, updated computers, printers, scanners
  • Specialized technologies like GIS, media production, 3-D printing, and data visualization
  • Expert staff to teach and support students in using new technologies and equipment